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Dashboard Customizable

Previously, Drafted Quotes which were authorized did not show on the Dashboard under the 'Draft Quotes' tab. A change was made recently so that all our authorized quotes are shown as 'draft' under the 'Draft Quotes' tab. Is there a way to customize the Dashboard so that it only includes information we need and that 'Draft Quotes' only include 'UN-authorized' quotes again?

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Would really like to see customisation in the dashboard. 

The reporting functionality is great so it would be fantastic to be able to present some of the key reports relative to our business on the dashboard...

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The dashboard is pretty useless. You should be able to publish graphs etc based on reports. Even better, just integrate PowerBI.

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I agree the dasboard is useless... An "at a glance" view of sales volume in units for selected Items would be useful on the dashboard

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