Need a way to specify Ship-To Contact Name, Ship-To Company, and Ship-To Address

As DEAR stands right now, a given customer may have multiple Ship-To Addresses, but it seems that this is assuming a scenario where the customer has multiple facilities to which items may shipped.

A different scenario, is customers who are purchasing something, such as a gift, which is to be shipped to someone else, meaning it is a different name, different company (if any), as well as a different address than the customer’s (company name, contact name, and billing address).

I am working with a client, FernCreek Confections, on this very issue. We have tried to create a workaround for this, but it is not acceptable. We have tried adding an additional contact name as a sort of “sub-customer” and separately an additional shipping address for the “sub-customer”, but then when we send it to ShipStation, the customer company name still appears on the shipping label. For example, let’s say BigFirm calls to order 10 chocolate bars for their client Jack Smith. In DEAR, the customer is company=BigFirm, Contact=John Doe, Billing Address=123 Main Street, Anytown, MA 02543. BigFirm would like to send the order Jack Smith, 444 Johnson Road, Newtown, PA 23044. The label is ShipStation appears as: 
Jack Smith 
444 Johnson Road 
Newtown, PA 23044

The address is correct except for adding the BigFirm part.

Further, though, the DEAR interface does not effectively support shipping to Jack Smith. The DEAR user need to select Jack Smith as the contact and then separately need to select Jack Smith’s address for the Shipping Address. The user needs to somehow know what Jack Smith’s address to make this work. This is not an effective solution for this sort of sales processing.

In order to support this sort of “gift” ordering, there needs to be a way to specify, together (i.e, they are directly connected in database), the Ship-To Name, Ship-To Company, and Ship-To Address for customers.

Is there any way to support this with the current implementation of DEAR? 
How does DEAR support gift order that come over from Shopify?

FernCreek Confections needs this functionality. They have many gifts orders so they must have a way to do this. They have put a big investment into getting up on DEAR and now are stuck not being able to process orders through DEAR.

If implementing this as a new feature, consider adding additional Ship-To information such as phone number and email address.

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  • Hi Mike, 

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am still unable to output a shipping company to the packing slips/invoice. Do you mind taking a look at my example. Have also responded to your comments.

    1.  When I use the ship to feature it doesn't seem to pull in the Shipping Company. (e.g ABC Demo Company in my example) so I am unsure how to get this info to show in the packing slips & invoices. The delivery company is really important to make sure it gets to the right place

    2. I get what you're saying but rather than a "contact" an actually shipping company would be a much simpler and feature rich implementation. Can live with this one but it does seem like a half fix and a true shipping company would allow for a lot more flexibility. 

    3. Cheers, this is really important

    4. If you could get point 2 running as a true Shipping Company this should make this possible? Would make a lot of sense to get this fixed as a lot of people integrate with third party shipping services. 

    Thanks for addressing these, the improvements will make a lot of difference to our processes and im sure a lot of other users. 


  • I'm having the same problem as David, when printing the invoice the ship to name is the same.

    Also why can't I select a customer from my existing without typing it manually? I thought this is what you were implementing?

  • Just so you're aware we do quite a few finance invoices where it is billed to the finance company then shipped to the customer... So hence why we need to select from our existing customers.

    Have a look at MYOB, the most used accounting software in australia, you are able to ship to a customer card OR type it manually.

  • Hey guys, is there any further update on this? Would love to hear DEAR's feedback on adding this to the roadmap.

    We've tried workarounds like using the customer contact as the shipping contact and editing the docx templates but this creates it's own set of issues with the emails as DEAR then tries to email an invoice to the recipient. A shipping company, contact, phone number would alleviate all of these issues and just seems like common sense. Even our shopify store allows for a different shipping company/contact

  • Hi David & Robert,

    When you include the mail merge  ShipToDifferentContact + ShipToDifferentCompany fields you can use the IF function in your template. So if the ship to different company is not used then original customer shipping info will be used.

    Please see attached template.


    (64.8 KB)
  • Hi David,

    Are you using simple sale or advanced sale?


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