This report allows users to compare planned time with actual time for all completed production operations, production runs, and production orders, collected according to each resource. Use this report to identify which resources are operating efficiently and identify areas of inefficiency. 

Users can have read-only or full access to these reports with the Production Reports permission. 

This report can be scheduled to run automatically in the Report Scheduling module and delivered to your inbox.


Table of Contents

Data from this report can be exported in Excel, PDF or RTF format or saved to Google Drive.


Reporting Period
Allows the user to select the reporting period from a list of options or set a custom date range. Date range is defined by Required by Date of the Production Order.
LayoutSet to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any. 
Save Layout AsAllows saving a layout for potential future use.
Reset LayoutResets the layout to the default layout or selected saved layout.
Show InShow Actual/Planned cycle time in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. 

Select Apply Filter to set filter fields for the report and Update to refresh the output with any new changes. See Managing Cin7 Core Reports - Filtering Reports for more detailed information about using filters. 


The following output fields are available for this report. You may have to open the Configure Layout menu to add some of them to your report. 

If the task has more than one resource participating then this report to will display each resource as a separate row. Totals are not shown for data columns, as this would multiply the cycle time by the number of resources in an operation, and would give incorrect results.

ProductSKU: Product name of the finished product. 
Production Order #Production Order number.
Production Run #Production Run number.
Production Run status (Work in Progress, Completed). Only orders that have been started are listed in this report.
OperationName of production operation.
Work CentreProduction work centre for the operation.
Shopfloor location of the Production Order.
Required By Date
Required By Date for Production Order.
Production resource taking part in the task.
NotesProduction operation notes.
YearYear of the production Required by date.
Quarter of the production Required by date.
MonthMonth of the production Required by date.
Bill of Material version number. Applies only to Production and Make to Order BOM. Default version is marked.
Data Headers
PlannedCycle time for operation or sum of cycle times for production order/run/operation
Actual time for operation or sum of actual time recorded for production order/run/operation (Suspended time is not included). 
Difference between actual time and planned time for production order/run/operation completion in seconds, minutes, or hours. Overrun(+)/Underrun(-) is calculated as Actual Time - Planned. If actual time > planned time then Overrun(+)/Underrun(-) is positive, if actual time < planned time then the value will be negative.
Difference between actual time and planned time for production order/run/operation completion, displayed as a percentage of planned time. If actual time > planned time then Overrun% is positive, if actual time < planned time then Underrun% is will be negative.

Deviation% = (Actual - Planned) / Planned x 100%

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