Linkly has supplied payment integration solutions to Australia for over 20 years, previously under the name PC-EFTPOS. The 'Linkly Cloud' is a system developed by Linkly as a hosted payment integration system, allowing the PIN pad to connect to the merchant’s POS directly via internet connection instead of to the POS via serial or USB port and without requiring any software installation. 

Currently, Linkly operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.

Payment processing platforms do not require a subscription add-on in Cin7 Core.  


  • At least one POS register added to your base subscription
  • Setting up POS - Basics (required)
  • You will need a production PIN pad that supports Linkly Cloud. This PIN pad should be requested from your bank. 
  • Linkly Cloud account credentials to integrate POS with Linkly Cloud payment system. Please note that a Linkly Cloud account is available for 1 PIN pad only. If you have multiple PIN pads, you will need as many accounts as you have PIN pads. 

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Connect Linkly Cloud to DEAR

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The first step in integrating Linkly Cloud with DEAR POS is to connect it to DEAR. 

  1. Go to Integrations → POS DEAR via the DEAR web portal. 
  2. In the Setup tab, toggle Use Linkly Cloud to Yes. This makes Linkly available to all outlets in the organisation.
  3. Go to the Outlets tab, select the outlet that will use Linkly
  4. Select the register to use or add a new one and go to the Register Details section. 
  5. Enter the Linkly Cloud username and password for the register. The credentials will not be verified at this step.
  6. Click Save.

Pair PIN pad with POS terminal

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Now that Linkly Cloud has been enabled, the final step is to connect your register.  

  1. Log on to DEAR POS and open the Outlet and Register where you want to connect Linkly Cloud. 
  2. Click Setup → Payment Setup.
  3. Select Linkly Reader (PIN Pad compatible with Linkly Cloud) from the list of card payment systems. 
  4. Enter the Pair code (it will be available on the PIN pad screen.
  5. The following settings are available:
    • Print receipts on Linkly PIN pad: When disabled, main receipts as well as terminal receipts are printed on the POS printer; when enabled terminal receipts are printed on a Linkly PIN pad if available while the main receipt is printed on a POS printer.
    • Cut receipts: When enabled receipt will be cut between each order. 
  6. Click Pair to validate credentials and pair code and complete the connection so that the PIN pad is paired with the POS terminal. 
  7. Click Save. Once setup is finished, you can already use Linkly in the terminal.

NOTE: Once Linkly Cloud becomes an active DEAR POS payment system, an additional End-of-Day section will be shown on the terminal's Register Closure report.

Remove pairing

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Removing the pairing between your POS terminal and Linkly Reader PIN pad. 

  1. Log on to DEAR POS and open the Outlet and Register where you want to remove the paring with Linkly Cloud. 
  2. Click Setup → Payment Setup.
  3. Select Remove Pairing. This removes the old PIN pad from the system. After removing the pairing, any PIN pad can be paired with the terminal using the process described above. 

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