When receiving stock, many products must be put away to specific bins based on their dimensions or other factors, e.g. dairy products in a refrigerated bin. Some products should be kept in a single bin only, or can be stored in multiple bins. Your organisation may prefer to fill empty bins first, or fill each bin before moving on to the next. Directed Put Away allows you to configure put away rules for your locations and bins, then use these rules to suggest put away locations for received stock.


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Enable Directed Put Away

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Directed Put Away is enabled/disabled at the location level. Go to Settings → Reference Books → Locations and select a location. Use the checkbox to to enable or disable Directed Put Away.

Enabling Directed Put Away will then activate a drop down menu where you can set the priority for bin suggestions. Available options are to fill the bins from the emptiest first, the fullest first, or in alphabetically ascending/descending order.

Configure Directed Put Away rules

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Use the Bins tab of a Location, then select Directed Put Away to configure rules for put away. Click + to add a new rule. Directed Put Away rules can be applied when stock is received to this location.

First, give a name to your new rule and select which bins it will apply to. Rules can apply to one or more bin, and multiple rules can apply to the same bin. Net, set the minimum and maximum number of items per bin. 

NOTE: Capacity is based on number of items and does not take into account dimensions of the object. This is being considered for a future release. 

Next, you can choose to allow batch splitting. When enabled, received stock will be split in line with the bin suggestion priority set above. If disabled, received stock will be put away to the highest-priority bin where the entire batch will fit. 

Next, you can choose to set minimum and maximum dimensions and min/max weight for products. The Put Away Rule will not apply to products outside of these limits. Units of measure are taken from your organisation's settings (Settings → General Settings → Products & Measurement Settings).

Put Away rules can apply to all products, selected products only, or one or more individual products. Product Families, Tags, Categories and Brands can be selected from the dropdown menu fields, or individual products can be selected from your inventory. 

The supply rule is assigned to products which match the selected values. The relationships inside the group for selection is OR. The relations among the groups is AND.

When a product could match several put away rules, the rule will be applied in this order or priority: Family, Tag, Category, Brand. Rules that apply to specific product groups will be prioritised over rules that apply to all products.

Use Directed Put Away during a purchase

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Directed Put Away rules can be applied when stock is received to a location where Directed Put Away has been enabled.

Process a purchase as usual until you get to the Stock Received tab. Clicking Apply Directed Put Away will apply bin suggestions to the receiving location. 

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