This report shows which exact components are used within a finished product, and which finished products use a batch of components. This report only applies to components and finished products with a batch/serial numbered costing method

Traceability is the ability to track every part and product throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped. Knowing which exact components make up a finished product is essential to quality assurance, inspection and control.

This article assumes you have some familiarity with the DEAR production module, we recommend starting with the articles below. Users can have read-only or full access to this reports with the Production Reports permission.


Select or search for a finished product or component in the  Product / Batch / Lot / Serial Number * field, and click Show to display results. 

Higher level results can be expanded by using the small arrow. Nested products can be expanded to see all levels of components. Report is a read-only. No fields are available for editing.

Use Export to export results as a .CSV file, and Print to print or download a PDF file. 

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