Vantiv triPOS is a cloud-based API for payment processing which allows for real-time payment processing for ISVs' and merchants' point-of-sale transactions. This integration allows Vantiv triPOS to communicate with your DEAR POS store. Read the triPOS integration documentation here. 

Payment processing platforms do not require a subscription add-on in Cin7 Core.  

Connect Vantiv triPOS with DEAR POS:

  1. Go to Integrations → POS.
  2. In the Setup tab, enable Use Vantiv triPOS to activate Vantiv triPOS and make the triPOS credentials fields visible.  This makes Vantiv triPOS available to all outlets in the organisation.
  3. Add triPOS identification parameters (Account ID, Acceptor ID, and Account Token) on the setup tab and click Save.
  4. Go to the Outlets tab and select the Outlet and Register you will be connecting triPOS to. 
  5. In the Outlet details, enter the triPOS identification parameters (Account ID, Acceptor ID, and Account Token).
  6. In the Register details, enter the triPOS Lane ID and click Save.

To finish connecting Vantiv triPOS, you will need to login to your DEAR POS application and the Outlet

  1. Go to Setup → Payment setup.
  2. In the Card Payment System field, select Vantiv triPOS Reader and Save.
  3. You will need to pair the Vantiv terminal with the system if it's being used for the very first time. Terminal ID is a user-defined number or alphanumeric string - it is only needed for terminal identification for the use.
  4. If the terminal is switched on when it has not yet been paired it will show an activation code. Enter this into the Activation Code field and then click Pair With Terminal. 
  5. Now you can use your terminal!

To remove or replace a terminal, first, click the Remove Pairing button – this removes the old terminal from the system. 

NOTE: If Print merchant receipt copy is enabled then the terminal receipt will be printed twice - one copy for the customer, one copy for the merchant.

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