You may need to use additional or multiple barcodes for a product. This is not natively supported in DEAR, however, the additional attributes feature can be used to implement multiple scannable barcodes in POS. Only one additional attribute set can be applied to a product at a time. 


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Create a Barcodes additional attribute set

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First, create an additional attributes set that will be applied to a product to hold the extra barcodes.

  1. Go to Settings → Reference Books → Other Items → Additional Attributes
  2. Click + to add a new attribute set. A pop-up window will open. Name the set and attributes - you can store up to 10 additional barcodes. 
  3. Set the Attribute type to Text
    • Leave the attribute name blank and attribute type: not used to exclude an entry from the set. 
  4. Save when you are finished. You will now be able to select this attribute set for products. 

Add Barcodes set to products

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Next is to add the Barcodes additional attributes set we have just created to a product, and enter any addition barcodes. This can be done one product at a time or in bulk using an Inventory List CSV import. 

Add barcode set one at a time:

  1. Go to Inventory → Products → [select product], General tab, to open up a product's detail screen. 
  2. Select the Barcodes set from the Additional Attribute Set dropdown field.
  3. Go to the Additional Attributes tab and enter any other barcodes for the product. 
  4. Save your changes. Repeat for as many products as you need to add barcodes for.

Add barcode sets vis CSV import:

  1. To save time, you can use an Inventory List CSV import to add an additional attribute set and add barcodes for multiple products at a time.
  2. Go to Inventory → Products → Export → Inventory List (without descriptions). Open the downloaded file. 
  3. Look for the Additional Attributes column headings.
  4. Enter Barcodes under the Additional Attributes Set column, and any barcode values into the Additional Attributes 1-10 columns. 
  5. Save the file and go to Inventory → Products → Import → Inventory List (without descriptions). 
  6. Upload the edited file to add the barcodes.

Search POS products by scanning barcodes

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Once you have added the barcodes set to a product, the additional attributes fields can be searched from the POS register, either by entering or scanning the barcode. 

NOTE: Live search is not possible for additional attributes, once the barcode has been entered you must press enter to search. Exact match only. 

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