It is important to have a transparent communication channel between production managers and sales managers. If the production manager implements production changes (e.g. re-plans orders), these changes impact the product delivery date and thus Sales Order completion. 

These Production reports are communication tools to inform the sales managers about changes in production without them having to go to the Scheduler to check or be notified offline of any changes by the production manager.

These reports are part of the Advanced Manufacturing module. 

Users can have read-only or full access to these reports with the Production Reports permission. 

Users with a subscription to the DEAR automation module can set up Report Scheduling and Notifications for these reports. 


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Production Cost Analysis

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This report shows the number of finished goods with their costs split by the components/services used in the assembled product. Use this report to analyse finished goods yield quantity, production cost, and cost of component products and services for a selected reporting period. Both assembly and production finished goods are shown on this report. 

See Production Cost Analysis for more information. 

Production Overdue

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The Production Overdue report informs the Production Manager about any Production Orders/Production Runs that have not been started on their scheduled start date. Only Production Orders/Production Runs with the status Released appear in this report. 

Production Orders/Production Runs are added to the report for these delaying events:

  • 24 hours have passed after a Production Order/Run has not been started on its scheduled start date. 
  • Production is suspended and not resumed for over 24 hours from the suspension time.

See Production Overdue Report for more information. 

Production Required by Date Exceptions

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Changes in production planning can cause schedules to be pushed forward. The Required by Date Exceptions report is intended for sales managers to check when the Required By Date of a Production Order differs from the Required by Date of a Sales Order.

Required by Date is set/changed in these cases:

  1. when a Production Order is automatically released, i.e. when we have an auto-release setting in General Settings → Production Process Customisation (Required by Date is the same as in the Sales Order that generates the order)
  2. when a Production Order is manually released (from the order screen) and Required By Date is manually changed from Required By Date in the Sales Order
  3. when a Production Order is manually released from the Scheduler and Required By Date is manually changed from Required By Date in the Sales Order
  4. when a Production Order is manually released from the Production Orders List and Required By Date is manually changed from Required By Date in the Sales Order
  5. when a Production Order is rescheduled via the Scheduler by drag-and-drop of the order to new dates.
  6. when consolidation or orders changes the Required By date of one or more of the consolidated orders.

In case 1, the Production Order Required by Date is automatically set to be the same as the Sales Order Required by Date. In cases 2-5, the user can set their own Required by Date. Changing the Required by Date will cause the Production Order to appear in this report.

When the sales manager has notified all customers from the report that the Required by Date has been changed, the sales manager can update the Required by Date in the Sales Order. When the date in the Sales Order is set to the Required by Date from the report, the order is settled and removed from the report.

See Production Required by Date Exceptions Report for more information. 

Production Actual vs Planned Cycle Time

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This report allows users to compare planned cycle time with actual cycle time for all completed production operations, production runs and production orders. Use this report to identify where production time is overrunning, and by how much. 

See Production Actual vs Planned Cycle Time for more information. 

Finished Products Wastage Rate

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This report compares expected production quantities with actual production quantities, showing wastage amount and percentage. This report measures wastage of finished products defined in a Production BOM. Intermediate products (inputs/outputs) do not appear in this report. This report does not show wastage of components.

See Finished Products Wastage Report for more information. 

BOM Components and Resources Report

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This report shows a list of all products with a production BOM. Use this report to see a product’s BOM components and resources, and view quantity required for production for each BOM version. This report shows components and resources for assembly, make to order, and production BOMs. 

See BOM Components and Resources Report for more information.

Production Costs Breakdown

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This report shows detailed production costs breakdown including resource costs, material costs and manufacturing overheads. Components are not listed. Compare actual costs to planned costs and analyse cost overrun for different locations and work centres. 

NOTE: This report only shows breakdown for costs of production tasks, not assembly tasks. Components are not listed. To show an analysis of costs per component for assembly and production tasks, see Production Cost Analysis. 

See Production Costs Breakdown for more information.

Production Shortage

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This report shows the quantity of components required for released and in progress production orders. This allows the user to assess which orders can be completed with the current stock allocation. Available and on order quantities of components are shown and compared to the required quantities, and displays possible shortages. The report determines possible shortages assuming that orders in progress will be picked first, and remaining orders picked in order of Required By date.

The report does NOT display definite allocation, but assumes the user will allocate components according to order priorities.

See Production Shortage Report for more information. 

Production Downtime

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Production downtime report measures the duration and cost of downtime for a production resource, operation, and work center. Both planned and unplanned downtime are measured, and cost is calculated based on the cost per unit of time and total downtime. 

Downtime is tracked from start of an operation until the operation is completed. Downtime sums all of the snippets when operation was suspended during operational hours. Downtime that overlaps with non-operational hours is not counted in this report. 

See Production Downtime Report for more information. 

Finished Product Traceability

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You can use the Finished Product Traceability reports to see exactly what components have been used for a finished product, including explosion of nested products. Finished products must have product tracing enabled in order to be displayed on this report. 

The Batch/Lot Recall function also shows which finished products a product has been used in, but also shows the suppliers, customers, and stock on hand of that batch, and can prepare recall letters for your customers.

Please see Production Component Tracking and Traceability for more information on component tracing. 

Automatically Schedule Reports

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The Production Overdue report and Required by Date Exceptions report can be automatically run daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly and sent to those who need them directly from within the Automation module. See Report Scheduling for more details. 

Set Automatic Notifications 

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You can set up notifications containing production updates for your users from the Automation module. DEAR notifications can be delivered as alerts in the notification centre and/or as emails intended for one or more recipients. External notifications can also be set up to send information to third-party applications. See Notifications for more information. 

Available Production Notifications are:

  • Production Order Required by Date is updated – to notify stakeholders (Sales Manager, Production Managers) about the changes in the Required by Date for Production Orders
  • Production Order/Production Run start is delayed – to notify stakeholders (Production Managers, Workers) about the delay in the start of the operation. User can set the conditions (no. of days delay) from the Notifications screen. 

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