This report shows a list of products in your inventory with an assembly BOM, each BOM product's components and component quantity in stock, available and on hand. Use this report to see what components are required for a parent product and whether you have enough stock at specific locations to produce the parent product. 

The report can be filtered by assembly BOM products in/not in a sale and available component quantity. 

NOTE: This report does not show components/resources for products with Production BOMs. Instead, use Production BOM Components and Resources Report

NOTE: If you wish to use this report to show all of the BOMs / BOM components not related to Availability/On Hand quantities, filter by one location (doesn't matter which location) and save the layout. This will give the BOMs and BOM components in a simple format. 

To access the report, go to Reports and, under the Inventory Reports section, click BOM Component Details. You can then search for a specific item, after which the report will display all the products containing this item in their BOM.  Users can have read-only or full access to these reports with the Inventory Reports permission. 

For help in customising this report, see Managing DEAR Reports.

For example, if there are two (2) BOM products named Wine Pack of 24 and Wine Pack of 6, and there is a component product in these BOMs named Bottle of Wine with an SKU of 001, you can filter the report using either the product name (Bottle of Wine) or the SKU (001). The report will then display the two BOM products (Wine Pack of 24 and Wine Pack of 6) along with each of their components and the details of each component.


The report inputs are shown in the table below.

Field NameDescription
This is set to All Products by default. To filter the report, select either Components in Sale or Components not in a Sale.
Filter by Available
Enabled by default. If unchecked, removes the Show components where available quantity is less than field (see below) from the report.
Show components where available quantity is less than
Blank by default. Specify a quantity to filter the report.
Updates the report.
Reset Layout
Resets the report layout.
Allows the user to export report data to Excel (with or without totals), PDF or RTF format.


After setting the inputs described above, pressing the Update button refreshes the report based on the selected inputs. The output fields are shown in the table below. Use the Search bar to look for a specific product or component from the report

Column NameDescription
Product SKU
The SKU of the parent product


The name of the parent product
Component SKU
The SKU of the parent's component product(s)
The name of the parent's component product(s)
The quantity of the component product(s) required for parent product (s)
The available quantity of the component product(s)
On Hand
The on-hand quantity of the component product(s)

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