This report provides statistics of DEAR WMS application usage by all DEAR subscribers. It displays the details of all the devices used to log on to DEAR WMS for the specified date range. 

This internal DEAR report is only available on the Admin Portal. Only the DEAR Super Admin has access to it.

The report is sorted by Last Logged In Date in descending order by default. This can be changed to ascending order if needed.


The report inputs are shown in the table below.

Field NameDescription
Reporting Period
Allows selection of reporting period, e.g. 30 days and 365 days. It is set to Last Month by default.
Date Range
Allows specifying a date range for the report
Voice Enabled
When selected, filters the records according to whether the organization has enabled voice picking. 
Refreshes the report
Reset Layout
Resets the report layout
Allows user to export report data to Excel, PDF or RTF format


After setting the inputs described above, pressing the Update button refreshes the report based on the selected inputs. The output fields are shown in the table below.

Column NameDescription
Device used to access DEAR WMS

Last Logged In

Date/time of user's latest login to DEAR WMS using their device
Last Voice Enabled
Date/time of user's latest login using voice-enabled
App Version
Version of the DEAR WMS app
Voice Pick Enabled
Displays either Yes or No, depending on whether user has enabled voice picking or not
The platform name of the logged in device, e.g. Android and iOS. Currently, only Android is supported.
User Name
username of person who accessed DEAR WMS
Device used to access DEAR WMS

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