The reconciliation report between DEAR and Xero keeps business operations transparent and allows you to see if the transactions tally between the two systems. Use this report to flag discrepancies for further investigation. This report only appears for accounts that have an active integration with Xero. 

Users with the Financial reporting permission can access this report. 

NOTE: To receive this report, you must set up an account number and define the month and year in Xero.

The Xero Reconciliation Summary page shows accounts with discrepancies between DEAR and Xero, marked in red. Transactions within the reporting period are compared. To see a different reporting period, change the dates and click Update

Check the boxes next the accounts you wish to see reconciliation details for, set the date range to a maximum of one month, and click Reconcile to generate the Xero Reconciliation Details report. The report is sent to the email address of the account user, and the entries appear as a table in the email. 

NOTE: Xero Reconciliation Detailed Report can only be generated for a maximum period of 1 month.


You can use the links in the table to the original Xero and DEAR documents to fix the incorrect data. Please note that you will need to generate this report again to see the effect of the changes made. 


  • If there are no differences in account information between DEAR and Xero, you will be notified that the accounts are fully reconciled. 
  • If there are differences found between DEAR and Xero, the report will send the following to the selected email address:
    • DEAR object (invoice, journal, credit note, etc.) – clicking the document number displays the corresponding page for the document in DEAR;
    • DEAR object cost;
    • Xero object (invoice, journal, credit note, etc.) – clicking the document number displays the corresponding page for the document in Xero;
    • Xero object cost.
  • Documents that only exist in either DEAR or Xero will have the status of Missed.
  • Documents that are fully matched in DEAR and Xero are not shown in this report.
  • The Xero API has a limit of 5000 calls per day. Depending on the number of transactions, generating this report may use a significant portion of your daily limit of API calls to Xero.
  • If Xero is integrated with DEAR, this report can also be viewed from the Balance Sheet report.

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