What are the next steps for updating order details once we get the order using DEAR API?

Q: We have a warehouse for fulfilling orders. When an order is placed in DEAR, we get the order information using a webhook. Once we get the order, what are the next steps for sending order status to DEAR, given we pick, pack and ship the order ourselves? Explain the steps in detail, together with the JSON and the API endpoints that will allow us to update the order status in DEAR.

A: You will need to create or update existing fulfilments in DEAR by supplying specific products picked, boxes and shipment details. Please find these three (3) API endpoints with sample requests in the documentation.

You can use the API explorer to test the payload and how it affects the sale.

If you would like to skip the details and just update the sales orders with shipped status, you can use the auto-pick parameter in the Pick endpoint.

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