How do we use the API to pull/push orders from DEAR to our system?

To get DEAR orders into your system, you will have to send a POST request to subscribe to an event type (click here for more information). The available event types are:

  • Sale/QuoteAuthorised
  • Sale/OrderAuthorised
  • Sale/Voided
  • Sale/Backordered
  • Sale/ShipmentAuthorised
  • Sale/InvoiceAuthorised
  • Sale/PickAuthorised
  • Sale/PackAuthorised
  • Sale/CreditNoteAuthorised
  • Sale/Undo
  • Sale/PartialPaymentReceived
  • Sale/FullPaymentReceived
  • Sale/ShipmentTrackingNumberChanged

Once an order reaches a specified event type you have subscribed to, a JSON payload will be sent to the endpoint you specified during the webhook subscription. Using the "SaleOrderNumber" in the JSON, make a GET request to retrieve any relevant information. Click here for more details.

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