Voice Picking in DEAR WMS

DEAR WMS features voice picking, allowing you to use and respond to voice commands while picking stock with the mobile app. This feature makes it more convenient to use DEAR WMS – instead of typing tote and batch numbers on your mobile device, you only have to say them out loud instead. DEAR WMS will automatically pick up your voice, as long as it is intelligible and clear, and proceed with the pick process accordingly.

NOTE: As of 12 August 2019, voice picking is only supported on mobile devices running Android 5.1 and above. DEAR plans to eventually implement this feature on the DEAR WMS iOS app, which is currently undergoing Apple review.


The following software will be downloaded when voice picking is used for the first time:

  • Google Text-to-Speech, regardless of whether the device already has another text-to-speech engine
  • Data models for the speech recognition engine.

To use voice picking in DEAR WMS, follow the procedure below.

  1. Log on to DEAR WMS.
  2. Go to the Pick menu.
  3. If you have an order number assigned to you for picking, click the Microphone icon on the top left to enable Voice Picking. Otherwise, you need to enter the order number or scan the UPC code first before you can enable Voice Picking.

  4. A confirmation message appears on the screen. Optionally, check the Keep screen on and/or the I'm using headset boxes.

  5. Click Start. This will trigger the download of the files required for speech recognition to work on your device.

  6. Allow DEAR WMS to access photos, media and files as well as record audio on your device.

  7. Optionally, choose to let voice recognition run in the background. This will allow DEAR WMS to wake up and handle voice commands while the screen is off.

  8. Once voice picking is activated, follow the voice prompts to continue with the Pick process. You will be asked to say or scan the tote and batch numbers, and confirm the quantity for picking.

  9. Click Stop at any time to disable Voice Picking and go back to the standard manual Pick process.

NOTE: Aside from the Pick screen, voice navigation can also be enabled from the Select Totes and Picking List screens.

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