Fulfilment Details Report

The report shows fulfilment details for authorised sales orders. Use this report to see the fulfilment status for each order, with quantity picked, packed and shipped. The output can be customised to show carrier, tracking info and more.

This report can be automatically generated and sent out to authorised users using the Report Scheduling feature available to DEAR customers with the Automation module subscription. See Report Scheduling for more information.

NOTE: Non-inventory products are not shown in this report.


Data from this report can be exported in Excel, PDF or RTF format. 


Time PeriodAllows the user to select the time period from a list of options or set a custom date range.
LayoutSet to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any. 
Save Layout AsAllows saving a layout for potential future use.
Reset LayoutResets the layout to the default layout or selected saved layout.

Select Apply Filter to set filter fields for the report and Update to refresh the output with any new changes. See Managing DEAR Reports - Filtering Reports for more detailed information about using filters. 


The following output fields are available for this report. You may have to open the More Fields dropdown menu to add some of them to your report. 

SKUSKU of the product
ProductName of the product
Order #Order number
Order DateDate the order was authorised
CustomerCustomer name
Fulfilment StatusStatus of the fulfilment (Packed, Partially Fulfilled, Shipped, etc.)
Fulfilment #Fulfilment number of the sale
CarrierCarrier name, for shipped orders
Tracking #Carrier tracking number for shipped orders
Quantity OrderedOrder quantity of the product
Customer ReferenceCustomer reference from the sale document header
Sales RepresentativeName of the sales representative who handled the order
YearYear the order was authorised
QuarterQuarter of the calendar the order was authorised
MonthMonth the order was authorised
Shipment DateDate on which ship was authorised
Invoice #Invoice number. If there are multiple invoices for a fulfilment, these are displayed with comma-delimited tags.
Shipment NoteShows the information saved in the Shipment Note field under the Ship tab in Advanced Sale
LocationSale picking/dispatch location
Product Brand
CategoryProduct Category
FamilyProduct Family name
Product TagsComma-separated product tags
Product unit of measure
Shipping AddressLine 1 of the shipping address
CityShipping address city
StateShipping address state
Shipping address country
TaxTax associated with the order
TotalTotal value of the order = Amount + Tax
Customer Additional Attribute 1-10
Values of customer additional attributes
Product Additional Attribute 1-10
Values of product additional attributes
Data Headers
Quantity PickedQuantity picked of SKU
Quantity PackedQuantity packed of SKU
Quantity Shipped
Quantity shipped of SKU

NOTE: If you have added an Additional Attribute set to your sale process, the attributes will appear as additional report fields. 

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