How to import CSV file in Excel

If Excel is opening CSV with all data in 1st column or not showing Unicode characters correctly in Excel (which is due to CSV file format's limitation) then follow following step to open such CSV in Excel

  • Run Microsoft Excel,
  • Navigate to Data >> Get External Data >> From Text.

  • Navigate to the location of the CSV file, you want to import.

  • Choose Delimited option
  • Set the character encoding to 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) from the dropdown list as File Origin
  • Check My data has headers so that it consider the first row of CSV file has column names.

  • Navigate next to display the second step of Text Import Wizard.
  • Set the delimiter to a comma.

  • Navigate to next to move to the third step.

  • Select the all column and change Column data format to Text & Click OK and then Finish.
  •  And Keep the default values inside the Import Data dialogue and click OK.

  • This is the result.

Now, you can save the file as an Excel document.

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