Shippit Integration FAQ

Q: We pack the items and when we go into Shippit to actually book the shipping, the correct calculation is made without changing anything. If the quote is wrong in DEAR and then we book the higher cost in Shippit, what will happen? Will the cost flow back into DEAR so that the correct shipping rates will be displayed in DEAR?

A: Yes, DEAR will reflect the correct shipping rates.

Q: Can I calculate shipping weights for bulky products in DEAR using volumetric weight so that it is the same as Shippit?

A: If the packing is done from your end before sending it to the shipping agent, you can enter the final volumetric weight within the dimensions of the product. You can define the dimensions together with the packaging and add a weight value. If the shipping agent does the packing for you, you can try adding the volumetric weight to the product dimensions and see if the shipping rates are reflected accurately. To help you compute the volumetric weight, check out the following online tool:

Q: I just integrated Shippit with my DEAR account. After completing the integration, on the Sales Overview, I cannot see the credit card icon indicating that the customer has paid for the order. How can we get that icon back?

A: Generally, in DEAR, all fields that appear on a grid are resizable. To get the credit card icon back, just resize the grid. To do this, position your mouse cursor over the column heading where the icons are, then drag the column to the appropriate size.  

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