Creating a Draft Purchase Order

Purchase orders (POs) and transfer orders in DEAR POS are created in the Inventory -> Ordering menu. For more information, see DEAR POS Ordering.

When creating a PO, if you need to put off the process for some reason, you can save the PO as a draft as long as it has not been authorised yet. When a PO is saved as a Draft, it is not forwarded for ordering but is saved in the system for future editing. You can go back to editing the PO at any time.

To create a draft PO:

  1. In DEAR POS, navigate to Inventory -> Ordering
  2. On the Ordering page, click +Order, then Supplier.
  3. On the New Purchase Order window, enter the supplier and the required date for the PO. 
  4. To save the PO as a draft, toggle the Save as Draft button. You can then choose to either enter the details of the products to be ordered at this time or click the Save button on the top right to exit the New Purchase Order window and go back to the Ordering page. You can go back and edit the draft PO from this page. 

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