DEAR's Partner program is designed to help accountants, bookkeepers, and financial advisers gain a better understanding of DEAR and enable them to provide better service to clients requiring powerful inventory management software. DEAR partners share in the revenues we generate from their clients, enjoy unlimited free support, and can avail of DEAR product training at discounted rates. Moreover, our partners can influence DEAR's product design decisions.

NOTE: If a partner has been inactive (has not registered a new client for over 12 months), their partner status will be automatically converted from Implementation to Referral partner status. A partner can regain implementation partner status by registering three new organizations in one quarter. Once three new businesses have been registered in this timeframe, the partner can submit a request to get reinstated as an implementation partner.

Registering as a DEAR Partner

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Once you decide to take your partnership with DEAR to the next level, you should register as a DEAR partner.

  1. Go to our Partner Registration page, enter your details, then click Register.

NOTE: Phone numbers entered during registration must be valid since you will be asked to verify them via a voice call or SMS. See Phone Verification during the Account or Partner Registration Process for more information.

  1. Log on to the email address you used during registration, open the email from DEAR, then follow the instructions to validate your email address.
  2. After validating your email address, you will be taken to the DEAR Partner Portal login page. Enter your login credentials to your DEAR Business Partner account.
  3. On your Partner Dashboard, click the Send Me Agreement button. DEAR will then send you our standard partnership agreement. Your partnership with DEAR commences as soon as you review and sign the agreement.

NOTE: If you fail to sign the partnership agreement the first time DEAR sends it to you, you can always have DEAR resend the agreement via your Partner Dashboard.

Understanding the DEAR Partner Dashboard

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Once you become a full-fledged DEAR business partner by signing the partnership agreement, your account information will be viewable on your Partner Dashboard. DEAR can also customise your DEAR Partner Dashboard per your requirements.

The Payouts Section

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Once you start earning money from your client references, the total amount of your commission is displayed on your Partner Dashboard, together with a list of your five (latest) commission payouts. This section is also where you claim a commission.

Claim a Commission

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All commissions are only available to be claimed during the relevant claim period:

  • March Quarter - 1st till 21st of April 
  • June Quarter - 1st till 21st of July 
  • Sept Quarter -  1st till 21st October
  • Dec Quarter - 1st till 21st of January.

E.g. commissions for the Dec 2020 quarter (from 1st Oct to 30 Dec 2020) needed to be claimed from 1st of January 21st of January.

  1. Log on to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click the Claim My Commission button, which appears on the Business Dashboard during the payout period that starts every 1st of the month following the end of a quarter and lasts for 21 days. For example, for the period October 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018, the payout period would be January 1-21, 2019.

NOTE: In our example, if you missed the payout date and submit the invoice past the 21st, the amount owing will be rolled over into the next payout quarter.

  1. Clicking the Claim Commission button generates an invoice with an amount and a reference number.
  2. Send an Invoice via PayPal to:
    • Business Information: Cin7 Americas, Inc. 1444 Wazee St, Suite 130, Denver, CO 80202

      Account Email Address:

Amounts on PayPal Invoice and Commission Invoice must match exactly or the invoice will be canceled.

Reference number generated by DEAR MUST be present in the PayPal invoice.

Do not use the PayPal money request, it must be a business invoice. 

You can also see a list of your commission invoices, together with the commission earned and payment status. In addition, you can manually mark an invoice as Paid from the DEAR Admin page and download a PDF copy of your invoices.

The E-Commerce Integration Section

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This section shows pie charts of your subscribed clients and, if applicable, your demo trial. Each chart shows the count of your stores, and your connection to DEAR clients.

The Client Sales Section

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The sales information for each of your organisations is displayed under this section. The information includes your organisation name, currency, sales count, and sales total. There is also a navigation section at the bottom to help you navigate through your various client records.

Sales, purchases and other account-related summary information are also seen in this section, including the following:

  • Sales Last Month
  • Purchases Last Month
  • Purchases this Month
  • Sync Errors
  • Notifications

The User Profile Section

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Your account settings are managed from the User Profile page. Here, you can set up a name for your DEAR account and two-step authentication for better security. This same section shows a log of your 10 most recent login actions, allowing you to check for any unusual login or suspicious activity on your Partner account.

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