mPOP Device by Star Micronics

mPOP Device by Star Micronics

Star Micronics' mPOP™, Mobile Point of Purchase is a hybrid device for tablet POS that combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral and optional barcode scanner. This integration allows the mPOP Device to communicate with your DEAR POS store. 


To use mPOP Device with DEAR POS:

  1. Go to  Google Play or the App Store and download and install mPOP utility
  2. Check that the mPOP device is functioning correctly 
  3. Start DEAR POS application on your iPad or Android device 
  4. Go to Setup -> Printer setup 

  1. Click AUTO DISCOVER PRINTER. mPOP should be found automatically
  2. Click Save

  1. Press Test Connection to be sure that printer is connected to DEAR POS 
  2. Press Test Print and check if test receipt is printed correctly
  3. Add a product with a barcode into DEAR Inventory then list it on your POS store to test the Mpop barcode scanner( if you are not familiar with listing products refer to this article). Using mPOP barcode scanner start scanning items into the registered order and click Pay.


  1. When selecting cash payment method, the mPOP cash drawer will pop open automatically once the Done button is pressed. You can then continue to email or print the receipt for the customer.

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