Tyro Integration

Tyro Integration

The Tyro integration allows your DEAR POS store to communicate directly with your Tyro EFTPOS terminal, meaning faster transactions, fewer errors and easier reconciliation. Read the Tyro Installation Guide here


To use Tyro with DEAR POS:

  1. Go to Integrations -> POS
  2. In the Setup tab, set Use Tyro to Yes to activate Tyro

  1. Enter your Tyro Merchant ID and click Save
  2. Now, you need to add your Tyor Terminal ID to the register where it will be used.
  3. Go to the Outlets tab and select the correct outlet and register
  4. Enter your Tyro Terminal ID and click Save

To finish connecting Tyro you will need to login to your DEAR POS application. 

  1. In DEAR POS application, go to Setup -> Pay System Setup page
  2. In the Select Payment System field select Tyro Reader
  3. Save your changes


  1. On the Tyro terminal perform the Authorise POS function to pair with the terminal. Now you can pay using Tyro!

NOTE: On the Tyro POS Setup page, enabling Print EFTPOS receipts on Tyro Terminal means that if the physical terminal contains an embedded receipt printer, this action delegates terminal receipt printing to the terminal. So this prints only main receipt and all terminal receipt will be printed by the terminal itself.

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