DEAR POS - Square integration

DEAR Point of Sale (POS) and Square integration allows the use of the Square Register mobile app for processing credit card payments via the Square Register API within DEAR POS. It is also possible to return funds back to credit cards using the Square Connect API.

Credit card payments via the Square Register API are available only in the DEAR POS mobile application (Android/iOS).

Refunds are also available on the DEAR POS web application, but these cannot be processed using Square.


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Setting Up Square Register

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Before you can integrate DEAR POS with Square, you must set up the Square Register app on your mobile device. For more information on setting up Square Register, see Square Support.

Setting Up DEAR POS - Square Integration

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To set up DEAR POS - Square integration:

  1. Navigate to Integration > Square.

  1. In the Add a New Shop tab, click Connect to Square. You will then be redirected to the Square Login page.
  2. Enter your Square credentials, then click Sign In, then Allow.

  1. In the Setup tab, under the Specify parameters required for processing sales on Square section, select Process Payments from the menu. If you are also looking to import orders from the Square store, select Load Sales & Process Payments.
  2. Click Save Changes.

  1. Navigate to Integration > DEAR POS.
  2. In the Outlets tab, select the outlet where you will use Square.
  3. In the Square integration to process returns box, choose the Square integration you prepared in Steps 1-5. The selected Square integration will be used to accept and refund card payments. 
  4. Click Save.

NOTE:  Each location in Square will need to be mapped to the correct location in DEAR. For each Square POS location, repeat Steps 1-8.

  1. Install the Square Register application on your mobile device (search for Square Register in App Store or Google Play).
  2. Once logged in, select the Square Location (you will need to create business locations in Square settings) to point Square Register to the same outlet defined in Steps 6-8. 
  3. Set up Square Card Reader – use Square instructions on how to complete the setup.
  4. Check Square Register directly, i.e. try to make a test payment from Square Register.
  5. The Square Register application has a number of settings that allow you to remove certain features when Square is started from within the DEAR POS application.
    • Menu > Settings > Signature and Receipt allow skipping of the receipt screen (as DEAR POS has a built-in receipt system) and skip signature for transactions under $25.
    • There is also a setting to allow operation in offline mode.
      NOTE: Ensure your Square account origin, Square Reader Origin and operation Country are the same; otherwise, you will not be able to use Square Card Reader.
  6. Start and log on to the DEAR POS application, open the Menu > Setup > Payment system setup, select Square Reader and press Save.

Now you are ready to process card payments.

Processing a Credit Card Payment with Square

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Once you've set up to process a credit card payment in DEAR POS using Square:

  1. At the stage of selecting a payment method in DEAR POS, select Sum to Pay or Leave as is.
  2. Press the Credit Card button. The Square register will be shown automatically.
  3. After the card payment processing, you will be returned to the DEAR POS application. The current sale will need to be completely paid before you can return to the main Register screen.

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