ShipStation FAQs

Q: I encounter errors when trying to connect ShipStation to DEAR. Why?

A: When you're setting up your ShipStation integration, please make sure that the Login and Password you use in ShipStation belong to a User in DEAR (not ShipStation). This user needs to have access to a Single DEAR Organisation only, otherwise, you will get a 503 error in ShipStation.

Q: Some of my DEAR orders are not syncing to ShipStation. Why?

A: Find the relevant transaction, and check if you have data entered on the Ship and Invoice tabs. Although Ship and Invoice tabs can be left Unauthorised, it is required that you have Shipping information and Invoice lines in the said tabs.

Check if you have a complete and valid shipping address in the order, and also make sure that this address in the transaction is present and matching in the addresses listed under the customer setup, if not in the customer setup, you will need to create the address in the customer setup, matching the shipping address in the sale.

Q: This recurring order has not been populating into ShipStation since the update. I have to enter manually each time. Advice?

A: This happens because the order has a Shipping Address that is not present on the Customer record. To fix the problem, you need to create an address for the customer matching the one on the sales record. You can then export the customer address out of DEAR and import it into ShipStation. You may need to trigger the Resend to ShipStation action after fixing the address. You can find all such sales on the ShipStation Integration page in DEAR.

Q: We received an error testing the connection to our DEAR store. The error states: 'The remote server returned an error: (300) Multiple Choices Redirect.'

A: If you see error 300, this means the user who is trying to connect ShipStation with DEAR is linked to more than one DEAR organisation. This prevents the data from being exported to ShipStation. You need to use a DEAR login that is linked to a single DEAR Organisation only.

Q: When I ship a product in ShipStation, tracking information is passed back from DEAR to Shopify but the tracking company isn't being properly mapped, so it's defaulting to another one. This means that the shipping emails contain bad tracking links – how can I properly map these values?
A: DEAR passes the shipping provider info to ShipStation – you need to map it to the correct provider in ShipStation. Check ShipStation Help on how to do this.

Q: Again in ShipStation, I'm noticing that people who use our free shipping don't have any shipping line items in their orders – how do I get that to show up? That info doesn't normally get passed.
A: DEAR doesn't pass shipping costs to ShipStation. We don't create zero cost lines in DEAR because Xero will reject whole invoices with zero costs.

Q: I have orders listed as backordered (because I hadn't loaded the SOH file yet) – I've reverted to Draft status and repacked them in DEAR, so they are listed as Shipping, but they aren't showing up in ShipStation. How do I handle this?
A: On the ShipStation setup page, you can see orders that are not ready for ShipStation. There is also a Reason column there. If the order is created from sales channels, the following is considered:

  • The order has a valid shipping address with a state, zip and country.
  • Pick, Pack and Ship all have data (the last tab not necessarily authorised).

Q: How long should it take for an order (simple sale) to transfer from DEAR to ShipStation? And should it transfer after authorising ship, or are there any other steps I need to take?

A: You can set up ShipStation to query sales periodically, either automatically or by the manual triggering of sale loading from ShipStation's Custom stores list. DEAR does not push data to ShipStation; we only return data back to ShipStation by request.

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