This report shows a product price list. Use this report to see all of your inventory products listed with prices from up to 10 price tiers. 

DEAR also has a Print Price List option which allows customisation of the final document for more polished, customer-facing price lists. This is available by clicking Inventory -> Print the Price List


Table of Contents

Data from this report can be exported in Excel, PDF or RTF format. 


LayoutSet to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any. 
Save Layout AsAllows saving of a layout for potential future use.
Reset LayoutResets layout to the default layout or selected saved layout.

Select Apply Filter to set filter fields for the report and Update to refresh the output with any new changes. See Managing DEAR Reports - Filtering Reports for more detailed information about using filters. 


The following output fields are available for this report. You may have to open the Configure Layout menu to add some of them to your report. 

SKUProduct SKU.
ProductThe name of the product.
UnitProduct unit of measure.
CategoryProduct category.
BrandProduct brand.
FamilyProduct family name.
Family Option 1 ValueValue of Option 1 of this product in product family.
Family Option 1 NameName of Option 1 of product family the product belongs to. 
Family Option 2 ValueValue of Option 2 of this product in product family.
Family Option 2 NameName of Option 2 of product family the product belongs to.
Family Option 3 ValueValue of Option 3 of this product in product family.
Family Option 3 NameName of Option 3 of product family the product belongs to. 
TagsComma-separated product tags.
Stock LocatorLocation of the product within a warehouse.
Product Attribute 1-10Additional attributes 1 to 10 values of the product belonging to some attribute set
WeightProduct Weight.
WidthProduct Width.
HeightProduct Height.
LengthProduct Length.
BarcodeProduct Barcode.
Data Headers
Average CostAverage Cost in DEAR is calculated from the average purchase price paid for the products including any landed costs. All historical costs of an item are used by the system to compute the Average Cost. Average Cost in DEAR is used for informational and estimating purposes only and does not affect your P&L statement. Actual COGS are calculated according to the selected Costing Method for the SKU.
Price Tiers 1-10Prices in Customer Currency for all price tiers. Price Tier names can be changed on General Settings page.


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In Reports - Price List report, there is an Export function, but no import function? I want to export, check all pricing, adjust when required then import back in, but am unable to. Can you advise me how please ?

The reports are for exports only. If you want to update the product pricing, please go to Inventory --> All Products --> Export --> Inventory List --> and update the price tier columns --> Save --> Import. 

Is there a report I can do that is the exact same as the exact same as the Price list report but has the QTYs on hand, allocated and ordered in it?

You might want to consider Product Availability, you have an option here to show or hide columns by clicking the drop down menu and clicking on columns field. However this report doesn't includes SKU and only three price tiers are available. You can have this report Printed or exported.

I am looking to be able to Export a Price list sorted by Product Category and then Brand or alphabetically order with product image and also one or more price tiers. The Price list module doesn't sort or export to excel and the Price list within Reports doesn't seem to be able to add the image. Is it possible to create a custom price list report?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently add another field for images in the Product Price List report. However, as a workaround, you can export the Price List Report and then export the Images & Attachments in the All Products view screen to generate the images and merge them in the report. You can make this a future development request in our forum. You and other users can vote and depending on popularity or number of votes, our development team can check how this can be included for future releases.

Still no answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with DEAR support.

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