Unit of Measure Conversion

With the dis-assembly module DEAR Inventory can now offer the solution for unit conversion between purchases, stock and sell units of measures. The conversion is implemented as chain conversion using auto-assembly and auto-disassembly functions.

For example:
You purchase wine in boxes of 12 bottles. You stock them as individual bottles and sell as boxes of 6 bottles.

You will create three products:

  1. Wine (Box of 12),
  2. Wine (individual bottle) and
  3. Wine (Box of 6).

By adding Wine bottle to the BOM of Wine (Box of 12), with quantity of 12, and enabling auto-disassembly you instruct DEAR to automatically convert Wine (Box of 12) products that you use in Purchase into Wine Bottle products.

Similarly you can use auto-assembly to perform a reverse conversion when you are selling boxes of 6. Wine (Box of 6) will have BOM with 6 Wine (individual bottle).

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