New Report: Active Imports / Tracked Purchases

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In essence want to track stock coming in and payment for the related invoices through Cin7 rather than through a separate shared spreadsheet.


So when we enter in supplier stock invoices into Cin7 and when we enter associated supply invoices (ie for freight, customs, cartage, etc) that these present in a report, together with the associated PO numbers that show – as of a selected date:

  • Our Purchase Order number
  • the supplier invoice numbers (in invoiced currency and converted to local currency),
  • the invoice date,
  • The shipped date
  • the due date,
  • the date the invoices was paid (when applicable),  
  • the date the stock is expected to be received,
  • the date the stock actually was received in (when applicable).


The report should show:

  • the total of unpaid invoices as of a date (so we can identify the total trade creditors outstanding as of that date) – in invoiced currency as well as in local currency.
  • the total of stock (and where appropriate associated services) invoiced as of a selected date but NOT yet received in – which will then total the stock in transit as of that date – again in invoiced currency and local currency.


One would think that most people who import stock using Cin7 would require this information to track their Purchase orders, stock movements and supplier payments

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