Merging Inventory Items

started a topic 10 months ago

Hi All

I'm finding it very frustrating that when you merge two inventory items together, you only keep the info on the master product.

A better solution would be to choose what information is merged together.

For Example:

We would merge two like products from different suppliers under one banner

Product A

Supplier A


Price: $123

Photo: 1

Description: both are similar considering they are the same product.

Product B

Supplier B


Price: $125

Photo: 1.1 1.2

Description: Both are similar, considering they are the same product.

Product C (New product / or existing product)

Supplier A&B (placed under the supplier tab)

Photo: 1, 1.1, 1.2

Description: (Pick One - master product)

This will help clean up inventory items on the go.

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