Purchase Order - Add a button to 'add all products from suppler'

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Not really sure how to write this one out, but bear with me. I assume this effects others as well.

Current Workflow

  • When creating a PO, DEAR lets us add products onto a PO, either individually or via family

  • It is time consuming
  • It relies on memory, to know ALL the product names or SKUs from that supplier. This is a problem, because if you forget or miss a product, it can be 6-12 months of lost time, until we're ready to place a new PO from that supplier.
  • Now you guys are probably thinking, just setup the individual variants and use the 'reorder' function. But it is not that simply, as for each product family (not variant), there are MOQ required.

  • You sell a blue tee-shirt, and to re-stock this blue tee shirt, you need a total MOQ of 200 pieces. It can be in any size (variant) breakdown you like, you just need 200 pieces in total, for this blue tee (family)

In this example, pretend the stock quantities were as below. Let's also pretend we setup and used the 'restock' function (min before re-order = 0 and reorder quantity = 10)
  • XS - 15
  • S - 0
  • M - 20
  • L - 26
  • XL - 36
  • 2XL - 31
  • 3XL - 50

If we used the 'purchase -> reorder function', it would only list the S, on the Restock PO. However, we would never order 10 pieces (as setup in DEAR - and its also not possible to due MOQ requirement) and we would never order 200 pieces for just one size.

  • What we currently do, is add all the variants (from that family) and then check the stock quantities, across all sizes.
  • We then decide if this product family is ready for reorder.
  • If one variant is sold out but the rest of the stock is healthy, then we would not reorder the blue tee. 
  • If all the variants are low, or sold out, then we would reorder the blue tee, and spread the quantities over all the sizes, to reach the MOQ of 200 for the blue tee.
  • Now the process, can be done via the 'verify order' button on the PO. 
  • The only thing missing is the 'add all products from this supplier' button

Suggested Solution
  • Please add a button (next to family) to 'Add all products from this supplier'. This would list on the PO, all the SKUs from that supplier, with a default quantity for each item of 0. 
  • We would then click the 'verify order' button, where we can easily view the current stock levels, for each SKU/variant.
  • We could then easily decide to restock/reorder that 'family' of products by updating the quantity from 0 to a positive value, or we could simply leave them at 0, and then delete the line items with quantity of 0 from the PO list.

Hope that makes sense :)

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