B2B Price List - Remove 1,000 Item Limit

started a topic 4 months ago

Currently if you print or download a price list from the B2B Portal it is limited to 1,000 items. I believe that the PDF print out of the Price List in DEAR has the same limit, but I'm not sure.

Either way, the B2B Portal limit is nonsensical as we want to use this to drive customers to download price lists, and use these to search products, or import orders into the Portal - neither of which are possible if we have anything over 1,000 products. The price list should download all active products from DEAR

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  • Agree totally , how can the B2B excel price list be limited to ONLY 1000 excel rows - for other dear excel file exports and imports (DEAR previously had the same 1000 lines restrictions, BUT dear has since INCREASED this CSV excel imports/exports to 5000, At the very least, DEAR should also increase the B2B price-list excel download to 5,000 excel rows
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