Import Ship-by Date from WooCommerce submissions

started a topic 8 months ago

Hi there,

One issue we've been running into a lot over the past several years is that whenever we receive a new order via woocommerce, the "Required By" date is always set by default to mirror the order placement date. And, after both experimenting and reading through the API documentation, there doesn't seem to be any clean way of meaningfully changing this. Our business is a seasonal holiday one, so the vast majority of our orders first come in around the start of the year. Naturally, however, most customers don't want to receive their orders until the mid-to-late Summer at the earliest. The customer is able to set a date in our order submission form on our website, but it doesn't seem to be able to translate into DEAR itself. It would be tremendously helpful if the API were updated in order to accomdate this.

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