Adjusting and Flagging Discounts/Price Adjustments

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Hi there,

One thing that has repeadedly been a thorn in our side is that whenever Sales Orders are imported from any source, be it WooCommerce, a middle-man's API, or even from Dear's own POS system, any adjustments to prices are printed as-is, having overwritten the price. It also does nothing to indicate that a price is in any way deviant from the normal price for its price tier within the order. This is especially frustrating with DEAR POS, since you can assign a percentage discount by line in Dear POS, which is formatted the exact same way as in DEAR proper, but it does not retain the discount rate, and still just overrides the price. 

If, for example, an item was regularly $20.00 for customers within that price tier, and we ran a promotion at the trade show where it'd be 10% off, the sales order would not show the item's cost as being $20 with a 10% in the Discount field; it will just override the base price as being $18. And there's nothing in Dear to indicate this. No flagging, or color change, or anything. This means if I want to check to see which promotions have been applied, I need to manually look up the price of each item to check. Or I can reassign the pricing tier to another, and then back to the original, to reset all the prices. And then I can compare them. But that's still a huge amount of work. And, if I want things to be clear for myself and others in the future, I need to calculate what percentage the items were discounted with. It would be supremely useful if DEAR had a way to do this automatically, or at the least show me how much any particular line item deviates from the default price. 

Much the same, it would be extremely nice if Discounts themselves were not tied to price-tiers in and of themselves. Right now, if you change the pricing tier of an order, it wipes all discount data, despite them being different fields entirely. Being able to adjust them seperately would, from my end, make a lot more sense, and be much less frustrating. 

  • I'm bumping this one because I really feel the price disparity flagging would be profoundly useful 

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