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Items that are not in stock/available, for a SO, will be marked with the status 'Backordered'. This is great when scheduling Sales Orders for the warehouse team - as it allows us to know which jobs to schedule / know what SO that can be completed.


  • SO#001
  • Contains the product 1x - SKU_A
  • SKU_A - inventory availability quantity will be -1
  • Status is BACKORDERED

If there is a PO in DEAR

  • PO#001 
  • It contains SKU_A with 100 units 

It would be really really beneficial, if once the PO/items were received, that DEAR could then 'auto-trigger' a refresh of all SO with the status BACKORDERED.
  • It would recheck all the listed items on the SO
  • If all the listed items are now in stock and ready to ship, the SO status would change to ORDERED
  • If there are still some listed items still not available (ie - waiting on other items to arrive from another PO), then the SO status would remain as BACKORDERED

This would really really help with scheduling! Currently, DEAR does not operate like the above.

If the PO/stock arrives and the quantity avaiability is now 99, unfortunately DEAR leaves the SO status as BACKORDERED. You need to either;
  • Manually go through each SO, and check if all the items are available, in order to know if you will schedule the SO or not
  • Manually undo the SO and then re-do them, which will update the status of the SO

I really think DEAR should program the software, to automatically complete the 'undo and redo' of a SO (with BACKORDERED status), whenever PO stock is received. 

If you cannot program it to automatically do the 'undo and redo' of a SO (with status backordered), then perhaps program DEAR to simply recheck all SO (with status backorderd), run through the items list and update the sales status accordingly.

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  • Fully agree. Currently there is far too much manual work required to check and update backordered sales orders. It's something that the software should at least partially automate.

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