Want to sell Dear/Cin7 to Hospitality Industry?

started a topic 9 months ago

So there are a few things that if we can tweak and add some of those, you'd be a lot closer to having a system that can serioulsy be pitched to hospitality businesses I think. It took us a long time to find a system that could do what Dear does on the stock management side of thing but there are features missing and functionalities that are really clunky for our business. If you fix them, you have a product I can recommend to a lot of people I know who are looking for a better solution.

Some of them are:

> Inventory Product Page: Could the tabs be flterable? So we could easily see all products from 1 supplier or all products from 1 category?

> Inventory Product Page: Can we have the General Price displayed?

> Inventory Product page: a bit like Vend does, display stock level per location with a downward arrow unfold thing straight from the main view.

> Reports: Can't seem to have a report that shows % profit margin on sales?

> Stock take: this needs serious improvement. Barely usable as it is. Again, look at how Vend/Lightspeed do it: Shows expected quantity on the count screen, compounding counting (count 5 at this location, count another 12 at this other location...instead of having to do the maths ourselves... over 800 products to count, no thank you). Also once count is finised, we need to see the stock value and discrepancy value in monetary terms.

That's just few pointers but to us they seem obvious.

Thanks for your consideration.

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