Hope to see the details of project detials in the inventory write off list

started a topic 6 months ago

If the inventory write off involves an item, you cannot see any content about the item in the inventory write off list. Including which items have been collected and which have not been collected under a project, you cannot see this information. Can I query by project number in the list interface, and can I display product details?

  • Hi Ian, 

    You can try running inventory movement details report and filter it using the write-off transaction #, making sure that the date range is correct.

  • Hello Amir,

    Sorry, maybe the meaning I expressed before is not accurate enough. Let me describe it again. 

    I hope to see the JOB Number of each item that includes Job in the inventory write off list.

    Currently, you cannot view any content and information about the job in the inventory write off list.

    There are also no reports on job information.

     Job Costing Profit&Loss Report allows you to see content about jobs, but only when you associate an Invoice can you see this section of content. We hope to be able to see it in the list.

    Thank you for your support.

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