Feature Request - Assemblies API allow to set Yield Total when completing assemblies

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When a business completes an assembly process, the final yield is often different to what was originally planned.  The DEAR UI allows the user adjust the Yield Total prior to completion, the API does not.  

When completing the Assembly using the POST ExternalApi/v2/finishedGoods/order call accepts the CompletionDate, and the final Status.  It should also take the final Quantity - just as the UI does.

Example business case.  Use 2 bags of ingredients to bake 12 cup-cakes.   Yet, we actually made, and can sell 13. 

Without the this new feature (some would say bug fix) it is not possible to automate this assembly process over the API.

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  • Hi DEAR team, this is a very important and much needed feature for anyone using automation for their production assemblies. The yield is highly likely to not be the same as what was planned. Your team have obviously understood this to be the case as the ability to change the yield is part of the UI which is great!. The API must also have this ability. 

    We implore you to add this capability. 

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3 people like this idea
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