Feature Request - RMA / Returns to act as a 'slave' to a Sales Platform or a Marketplace

started a topic 7 months ago

- For Sales (from any platform), DEAR acts as a 'slave'... in that it captures orders, creates its own SO number, with reference to the platforms Order Number etc. This works great.

- For Returns, the current implementation is designed for its own platform. This is not good when using Marketplaces (eBay/Amazon) or Platforms (Shopify/Magento), which have their own returns process (and need to be followed). It would be better if DEAR behaved in the same manner as Sales (ie - a slave), where it would capture the Return from each platform. If a return is requested through a sales channel (eg eBay), DEAR would capture this return, create its own RMA# (or RO#) with reference to the platforms Return/RMA Number. From there, the RO can be completed by the warehouse staff etc, who first check the item returned matches the original SO, and then confirms if the item was returned in original condition and ready to return to stock. The completed RO would then notify the RMA mananger, who would then complete the return/refund through each platform, and DEAR would capture the returned item in credit note and restock (if applicable).

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