Ability to Sync Multiple Contact emails to Quickbooks Online

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The way DEAR is currently set up, only the contact marked 'Default' will sync through to Quickbooks Online. We have several customers where we require multiple contacts to be associated with the customer in Quickbooks Online so that they all received statements: for example a Bar group, where the individual venue manager needs statements, but also the Area Manager and Company Accountant. We imagine there must be a fair number of companies that have this requirement as well.

We previously worked around this by creating a contact called 'QBO Contacts' and having that contact's email field be a comma-separated list of the required emails. QBO accepts emails formatted this way and then sends statements to all the email addresses in that list. DEAR has recently been changed to not allow more than one email address against a contact which has broken this workaround (with no notice). 

Customer Support has not been able to advise on a solution so far, simply apologising and stating 'this is by design', but we need to be able to send statements/reminders etc from QBO to all the appropriate contacts.

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