Delivery Note - Remaining Goods to be Sent

started a topic 7 months ago

Delivery note template needs to be able to show per product line both how many items are being sent and how many are "to follow" for any reason. Simple feature that is vital and missing.

The linking to backorders is not the solution as this simply looks at what is on backorder for the items but there could be other reasons why certain goods are not issued and the end user needs to have clarity on their orders/deliveries of exactly what they have had already, what is in the current delivery and what is left to be issued.

3 columns per line to show each of these areas of goods progress

1) On this Delivery

2) Delivered earlier

3) To Follow

Again to repeat the link to backorders does not work for this. I have requested this via calls and support messages several times already and its a critical feature that is missing.

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