WMS - Batched Products Pick Verification

started a topic 8 months ago

When multiples of any product with a FIFO or FEFO Batch costing method are being picked on a Sale task via WMS, the scanning of the first unit of the correct batch automatically marks all remaining units of this SKU as picked from this batch.

This is fine theoretically, but practically the user in the warehouse has no way of verifying the remaining units.

An option needs to be added so that clients have the choice of selecting if WMS can do a group pick, or will enforce pick verification per unit.

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  • In WMS, when the barcode is scanned to pick an item, WMS picks all the units of that SKU even if only one unit was scanned. 

    This will be helpful in eliminating the chance of picking staff forgetting how many items they are supposed to pick. 

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2 people like this idea
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