Stock Transfer Picking - Allow DEAR WMS app to modify the original stock transfer order.

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We have been using DEAR POS in 11 stores and DEAR backend at backend operations. As we are getting more products (1500+ sku) we would like to implement DEAR WMS in our warehouse to improve the operation efficiency. However we face a critical issue in DEAR WMS app which basically stopped us adopting it.

In the usual operation, the stores replenish the stocks via DEAR POS by creating a Stock Transfer Order from warehouse. Then the warehouse staff pick the goods according to the order. In our situation, every stock transfer order from each store could have >100 items twice a week. So it's at least 22 stock transfer orders every week with each order >100 SKUs.

It is quite inevitable some stock records are wrong, or a few items in low stock many stores and trying to get. At the end the warehouse can't pick all items in one order. Or when it was urgent, we should allow the warehouse to add in new items to that order.


- Stock transfer order arranged 5pcs of one item, but the product is packed 6pcs/case. The warehouse should be able to modify to increase to 6pcs.

- When one items are out of stock but the stock report has mistakes. The WMS app should allow skipping to pick that item and inform the personnel to do stock adjustments. The picking process should be able to proceed.

- The WMS app should also be allowed to add new items to the stock transfer order.

Currently in DEAR WMS app stock transfer, whenever some items cannot be picked, it pops up an error -  "Transfer Quantity Should be Greater Than Zero", as illustrated in the attached video. Then after the warehouse having picked 50 items, the order cannot be proceeded. ---- However this situation is allowed on DEAR backend.

According to DEAR customer service reps, by DEAR WMS design it works differently from the DEAR backend. And modifying the stock transfer order by design not allowed. If it is indeed by design it should happen, I wish the DEAR team make this "feature" optional.

As stock transfer is between warehouse and stores, the goods are still owned by the company. More flexibility should be allowed on the WMS app.

I have taken 2 videos to show the problem - one on DEAR web, one on DEAR WMS iPhone.

When I place a stock transfer order on DEAR web on laptop. It is OK we place an order, then pick in quantity and number of SKU fewer than the ordered quantity. I could proceed and complete the order as shown on my video "DEAR Web".

However this cannot be done on the DEAR WMS app. In the other video DEAR WMS App iPhone, it showed error "Transfer Quantity Should be Greater Than Zero" if one of the items could not be picked by our warehouse staff in that order.

Please allow WMS app to modify the stock transfer orders.

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