Drop Ship Functionality and Corresponding Accounting Functionality

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The Drop Ship functionality is sorely lacking and creating accounting disasters. This isn't an enhancement. This is a core functionality that is effecting accounting, sales tax and more. I've listed the main issues below:

  • The core issue to start with is that orders that come in as drop ship are automatically completed. How is it possible that an order can complete before it's even started? A drop shipment can take weeks or months to ship. 
  • There is no drop ship confirmation. The tracking # doesn't feed back to the store and the PO is completed before it actually processed or shipped. 
  • Since the order is completed it feeds into the accounting system as revenue and profit, which is not true. How can you have profit when the sale isn't complete? 
  • This in turn creates issues with sales tax reporting and employee commissions. You're paying sales tax and commissions on sales that, according to DEAR, completed but never actually completed.



  • Add a stage for all drop ship Sales Orders so that the SO goes into a processing stage of some sort, rather than a completed stage.
  • Add functionality to add drop ship confirmation so the tracking # feeds back into the stores (BIG COMMERCE, SHOPIFY)
  • Add functionality so that the accounting system (we use QB Online) gets an entry for a prepayment but the actual sale, profit aren't sent over until the drop ship PO has been completed. 
  • The only actual feature request would be a spot to put in ETAs by line item and PO so that it feeds to the sales order. While I consider this a necessary feature it's not essential like the other items above.

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2 people like this idea
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