Auto population of discounts into quote, order and invoice memo fields

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The latest update auto populated into the quote, order and invoice memo fields when order made through B2B. 

Please make this an optional feature. We use these memos for important messages to picking staff. We do not want clients' discounts showing there as information overload and unnecessary. It is also something we don't want broadcast as discounts are confidential.

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  • Seconded. 

    I discussed the disruption this update has caused with DEAR Support, and of course I've been directed here to voice my concerns in a public forum to have other users determine the fate of the memo field... if they're lucky enough to search for the Feature Requests for "memo" like I just have.

    We need the memo field to communicate memo's, not a mass of text re-describing products and discounts. 

    I appreciate DEAR development team is trying to achieve, however I believe that memo fields are not the right place for this discount information, as discounts pertain to product line items, not entire documents. 

    Previous to this update, we used memo's on customer-facing Invoices, and in-house Pick Lists — however a picker doesn't need to be made aware of discounts, and a customer doesn't need to digest a block of text to find the name of a discount applied.

    My suggestion for better communication of discounts is to create a new mergefield called "DiscountApplied" which we could include in templates at our own discretion, this mergefield could be nested in the table "InvoiceLines" along with Quantity, Price, Discount, Discounted Price, etc.

    I also suggest to other users that an "if" statement could hide this additional line if no discount is present. We already successfully use this model of merge field for product comments.

  • Nicely said.

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