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A simple report that summarises customers sales for a given period. Each customer to be 1 line only that provides a net sales figure, calculated from the sum of their invoice totals, minus any sales taxes and minus the sum of credit notes issued, excluding their tax of course, for the period specified. With filters to filter by sales rep and brand. No detail, no list of invoices etc.. Just a simple summary of the customers performance to our business. 


Period 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2022

Customer                   Sales

John Doe Ltd             100,000

Jane Doe Ltd               80,000

Acme Ltd                    250,000

Some other users may wish to expand this to include gross profit, and separate out net service line figure from net inventory product lines as well, but as a start a simple report would suffice for our needs.

This report would enable us to understand how much our customers spend with us without spending lots of time manipulating the data from other much more verbose reports. As well as understanding what their business is worth to us at a glance, and more importantly enable us to make quick calculations on growth we should expect from our customers to help set realistic sales targets for our sales reps.

This should be considered a key performance report within Dear to aid with the running of any business.

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