PICK and PACK complications for custom manufacturers

started a topic 12 months ago

Currently for a Sales order to be Picked once all the MOs related to it are complete a user must switch from the MES app to the WMS app and either scan a barcode or manually enter the SKU for each item. For a manufacturer that is manufacturing custom products to order and does not have unique barcoded packages/labels for all their products this is far too cumbersome and expensive time wise.

Possible solutions:

1. Add feature for Auto picking once inventory is available. Even better if this is specifically associated with Special Batch or Special Serial Number Costing Methods (so that the MO specifically associated with the SO goes toward the fulfillment).

2. Add additional functionality to the WMS that does NOT require a barcode or SKU to Pick items.

3. Add functionality to print QR or barcodes at the MO Authorization or Release stage. Then these could be scanned for Picking.

4. Allow Picking operations during the Completion of the MO in the MES app and designate which SO it is assigned to.

The current process is far too cumbersome and not functional for manufacturers.

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