Virtual Stock Instead of "Always Show Quantity"

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For a non-inventory item, DEAR only provides the field value for "Always Show Quantity". Our BOM items are purchased and stocked in our warehouse. But a single BOM item can be assembled to many different combinations or sets, which is very hard to pre-assemble the product before sales order comes in. Finished goods are assembled during the picking and packing process. For auto-assembly, it doesn't really make sense for a picker or packer to go to the computer and find whatever the auto-assembly was and then look for the item in the warehouse. 

If we use non-inventory item for kits and sets, the pick and pack screen will show the component item, but an "Always Show Quantity" field must be filled out in order for DEAR systems to push the inventory level to sales channels.

If DEAR engineering team can provide a feature to accommodate virtual stock based on the BOM, that would be a game changer for many users. 

If we choose the product type as "Stock", while disabling the auto-assembly, it will show 0 quantity available for kits and bundles (if not pre-assembled). If enable the auto-assembly, it will show the correct virtual stock but the picking and packing will only show the finished goods' SKU. 


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  • Fully agree - we have to have the show stock off and do manually in channels because many items would show no stock as they are assembled to order
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2 people like this idea
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