MO's completed at the same time and mergefield for related order list.

started a topic about 1 year ago

Hi DEAR support,

I'm writing this hoping that the following features could be added which would really help not only my but other organizations.

Feature request 1)- MO's completed at the same time
> As a manufacturer that sells made to order products it is very important to make sure all MOs for a Sales Order are completed at the same time.
This could be a tagging system, filtering tools, or at least a function for users in MES to look at a "related orders" list from within the MO (similar to when viewing documents on desktop).
It would be great to have some way to link MOs so that they are prioritized together in the schedule. (ie: not have half a Sales order manufactured while another sits lower down the list)

Feature request 2)-  mergefield for related order list.

> it would also benefit if there was a merge field option that shows the related orders (image01) that can be seen in templates


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