B2B - Inconsistent Display of Tagged product variants in Group of Banners and Tabbed Pane page elements

started a topic about 1 year ago

If a product variant from a product family is tagged, it is displayed in a Group of Banner's page but it does not get displayed in a Tabbed Pane. The two page elements provide the same functionality - allowing related products with the same tag to be displayed together. However, if the product belongs to a family then it is not displayed in a tabbed pane but it does get displayed in a Group of Banners page.

This is inconsistent behaviour - not by design - so please make the system consistent (fix the issue in the Tabbed Pane function).

We don't want to use Group of Banners as we want the main catalogue and other page elements to remain on screen while they browse through the tabbed panes.

Please see incident #276280 for more detail.

Many thanks.

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