B2B improvement requests

started a topic about 1 year ago

We are a wholesale business working with a lot of customers who find technology hard to navigate, so we would love the ability for

  • Sales reps to log in to their customers' B2B websites and put items into their cart on their behalf
  • The system administrator to log in to any customer's account and place items in their cart / edit their cart / etc
Our customers like seeing the pictures of the products as they create their orders, so making a quote then emailing it to them doesn't seem to work for us. They like us to put things in their cart and they edit and confirm their order from there.

Some other improvements that would be really helpful
  • The ability to sort options/variants manually. We deal in sizes - XS, S, M, L and when they are sorted alphabetically on the B2B they are not in order
  • The ability to manually sort images on the B2B. Again, when the images are in a random order, often the back of a garment will be above the front of the garment.

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