API endpoint to return product discounts(for customer/customer group)

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Hello DEAR tech team,

My company is offering our clients to make orders in Dear through our application. We're trying to offer all the existing options for pricing and discounts that Dear customers have at their disposal. It is very important for them to get the most accurate prices in Upstock so there's no mismatch with the prices in Dear. The orders are flowing into Dear system via API requests, but unfortunately some functionality is not available at the moment

There is is some information that's currently available through API for customers that includes custom prices for products for customers as well as flat discount rate for customers.

However there are discount rates for products per customer/customer groups that can be set via Dear dashboard that are currently unavailable to be retrieved via API. These are essential to unlock the full Dear platform potential for our customers. On behalf of my company we kindly ask you  to implement support for this feature.

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